Odomos Cream

12% Deet Mosquito Repellent Cream

Odomos Cream
Odomos Mosquito Repellent Cream offers complete protection against mosquito bites using its advanced formula that masks distinctive human body odour, making you virtually invisible to mosquitoes. Odomos has been tested safe even for babies.

Clinically proven & tested mosquito repellent cream

  • Odomos offers 100% protection against mosquitoes for upto 8 hours
  • India's best mosquito repellent brand that is safe for family use
  • Protects from Dengue & Malaria caused by mosquito bites
  • Topical insect repellent skin cream for home & outdoor use
  • Certified by Indian Institute of Toxicology as safe for kids
  • Endorsed by National Integrated Medical Association (NIMA)
  • Non-sticky mosquito repellent cream with almond oil & Vitamin E

WARNING: For external topical application use only. Do not apply on eyes, lips, skin cuts and wounds.

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